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Understanding Penile Discharge: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Sanusi noted that his penile region was itchy over the last few days. He initially ignored it but it has gotten more persistent. Now he noticed some discharge while he was trying to urinate and has become worried. He has heard it was a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. But he has only had sex with his three girlfriends, and he did not use a condom because he was allergic to it.

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How Can I Protect My Mental Health?

“Catherine got a promotion at work this month and while the promotion comes with better pay, it also comes with more work pressures. She’s struggling and finding it hard to cope. Her supervisor suggested a visit to the organization’s psychologist in order to find better ways to cope and protect her mental health.”

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Understanding Social Addictions

“Mrs Baze is worried. Her daughter Lydia has become completely dependent on social media. She spends the majority of her time on social media platforms and gets very defensive if anyone confronts her about it. Mrs Baze is worried. Can a person become addicted to social media?”

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