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Topic 13: COVID-19 Vaccine

Topic 13: COVID-19 Vaccine

Question: Should I be concerned about getting COVID-19 from the vaccine?

Answer: No. Many vaccines are being looked at for COVID-19. These vaccines are not capable of causing COVID-19.

Vaccines stimulate the immune system to produce proteins that prevent a specific infection. They do this by imitating infection. COVID-19 vaccines in development do not contain live coronavirus, so they are not capable of causing infection.

Many of the COVID vaccines that researchers are looking at target a part of coronavirus called spike protein. Why spike protein? Well, coronavirus needs its spike protein to infect new cells. When spike protein is rendered useless by vaccination or other means, coronavirus becomes unable to cause infection.

COVID vaccines will likely have mild, transient side effects, as many vaccines do. Some side effects that have been seen in early research include low grade fever, malaise, and body aches. These side effects have been mild and transient in general, and vary between different vaccines.

There is hope that the world will have safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines in the near future.

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