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Topic #9: COVID Coronavirus and Pregnancy

Topic #9: COVID Coronavirus and Pregnancy

Question: Is COVID-19 more severe in pregnant women?

Answer: No. What we know so far is that COVID-19 appears to cause similar symptoms, and is not more severe, in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant adults.

There have been relatively few reports of COVID in pregnant women. What we know so far is encouraging for pregnant women and their babies. Some highlights are: 

  • The most common symptoms in pregnant women are fever and cough, similar to other persons.
  • Some pregnant women with COVID are asymptomatic, i.e. have no symptoms. This is not different from non-pregnant adults.
  • Pregnant women with COVID do not have more complications than other people with COVID.
  • There is evidence suggesting that COVID can be transmitted by a pregnant woman to her baby in the womb. This appears to be quite rare
  • Doctors have seen cases of preterm delivery in some  mothers with COVID. This is being studied to understand it better.


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