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Wetin person go do make e no catch Corona virus!

Wetin person go do make e no catch Corona virus!

Corona viruses join some of the plenty viruses wey dey cause yamayama sickness for our body. The one wey we dey see pass na catarrh wey dey disturb our breating, but sometimes e fit come serious to become wetin oyibo dey call pneumonia. E no too tay wey Ogbonghe types of this coronavirus like SARS and MERS don cause big sickness wey affect plenty people for some countries.


The latest ogbonge cornavirus wey dey all over the world  now, COVID-19, start for China for December 2019. By the time February 2020 finish, over 85,000 people don catch the disease and some even die sef. E never tay wey Nigeria see im first case. Covid-19 enter Nigeria from Italy, where the sickness dey well well. Only few other people don get the disease for Africa.

The things wey you normally dey do make you no get catarrh or pneumonia from another person go also work to protect person from this covid-19. These things dey simple well well:


  • Try remember the last time wey person start to cough or sneeze near you, the way wey you take shift go back tell them say make them cover their mouth as dem dey cough. As this thing help you make you no catch cough and catarrh from that person, na so it fit work for this Covid-19 too
  • Hand washing nkor? This na one thing wey all of us must do more, and we must do am well. When you wan wash hand, use soap and water, and scrub them well well for at least 20seconds, this na the time e go take you to sing Happy Birthday to you” two times
  • Another easy advice to remember na to ‘avoid touching MEN!’ that is to say avoid touching your Mouth, Eyes and Nose with dirty hands. E hail the person wey think of this one.
  • If you get catarrh or cough with fever, make you be your brother’s keeper. These na wetin you suppose do:
  • No go places wey plenty people go dey like church or mosque, parties, market, work or school.
  • No too near people wey dey your house and no share things until you don well.
  • If you reach where people dey, tell them say you no well, make dem no too near you
  • No forget say most of all these catarrh and cough go clear by im self , so just try rest and no go buy antibiotics wey you no need.
  • Wash your hands well well
  • If you no dey feel well and must go clinic or hospital, make sure say you try make you no spread the sickness to other patients or nurses and doctors wey dey there.
  • Now make una no say any cough or catarrh na covid-19 virus o but if you travel go any country wey get the virus this period or you don near person wey get the virus, make you phone the hospital tell them sharp sharp even before you reach there. This na to make sure say the doctors and nurses get everything ready so thst the disease no go spread.
  • If you see where to get facemask from, wear am when you dey go the hospital.


Last last, make we no panic. Scientists dey work hard to find cure for Covid-19 and even vaccine wey go prevent am. If we do all the things wey we don talk for up and continue to be our brother’s keeper, we fit conquer Covid-19, as we like to talk for CUTICA health, Together!