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"Are there different ways of raising male and female children? (Pidgin)"

"Are there different ways of raising  male and female children? (Pidgin)"

Different ways dey wen dem take dey raise Male and Female Children ?

The idea say boys and girls dey naturally different na one idea wen don dey in existence tey tey . These ideas don even extend to the kain responsibilities we dey assign give each gender and the expectations wen society demand from them.  

Researchers dey wonder if the differences between boys and girls na from biological differences like differences for testosterone levels or from differences for how dem take raise dem. 
But, e dey encouraged say make you raise both children with the same values.  

Some ways to take train dem with the same values na : 

1. Focus more on dia individual differences instead of dia gender differences : Parents dey attribute plenty things to natural differences for boys and girls but this one fit nor necessarily be so. If you teach dem how to clean up after dia self e nor go mean whether dem be boys or girls, dem go adopt the ideals and grow with am. While biological differences go influence some actions, try to dey look d children in terms of individual differences.  

Make we look some examples:  
* Annie love to dey wash plates because she love environment wen clean . Nor say na bcos she be girl.  
* John love to dey cook, he say e dey relax em body . Nor say but e be boy, e nor suppose cook .  

Treat dem like equals 
Nor allow boy pikin get away with some things wen you go punish d girl pikin for .  Research don show say parents dey more likely to tell female pikin to dey careful wen e dey play rough but dem go excuse the boy action say na “just being boys”.  For some parts of the world, dem go send male pikin dem go school while dia sisters go stay for house or dem go only allow dem to reach small levels of education.  

This one dey create inequality wen go continue even wen dem dey adulthood. Give the same punishment, give the same/similar rewards for achievements, and allow the two children dia space to explore. 

Give them the same nurture and care 
Research don show say actions wen go encourage relationship building and empathy na em dem dey use more with girls than boys. Mothers dey speak and interact with dia female children pass dia male children even though say boys dey respond similarly to girls while dads go dey rough-house with boys pass girls.  

Dads dey more likely to tell boys say make dem get over sad feelings or failures but go encourage dia daughters to talk about am. Parents dey also more likely to read, tell stories, and sing to dia daughters instead of their sons. Differences for care fit affect how your male and female child behave. Try to dey give children the same/similar levels of care.  

The final verdict be say while biological differences exist and e suppose dey taken into account, boys and girls suppose dey raised with the same core values and care. Nor excuse wrong behavior bcos the pikin na boy and then you go come go punish the same behavior for female pikin