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"Are you addicted to your phone? (pidgin)"

"Are you addicted to your phone?  (pidgin)"

You dey addicted to your phone ? 

The trend of addictions dey change as technology dey advance. Today, phone addiction don become global challenge with reports of about 50-70% phone users say dem don dey addicted to dia phones. 

The average smartphone user dey unlock em phone 150 times a day . 99% of users dey show fear and anxiety if dem mistakenly forget dia phones. 

Addiction na compulsive engagement to reward stimuli even with the dangerous consequences. 
Na brain disorder and e dey difficult to address. 
Dem go say phone users dey addicted to dia phones wen dem dey make use of dia phone despite negative consequences like sleep deficit, stress, impaired relationships, poor grades, etc. 

Normally, once dese negative events begin happen e suppose result to reduction for the way dem take dey use phone or make dem stop to use phone completely.

But if person still dey uses em phone with all the negative effects, addiction don dey be that . 

How to know if you dey addicted to your phone? Ask yourself dese questions; 

You dey lie about smartphone use? 
1. Your loved ones dey express concern? 
2. You dey neglect or you dey find am difficult to complete your duties for work, school, or for house bcos of phone usage? 
3. Do you spend more and more time using a phone? 
4. You dey repeatedly check peoples profiles due to anxiety or other reasons wen you nor fit explained? 
5. You don get accidents or injury due to phone use? 
6. How your life be outside social media, e weak or you nor even get at all? 
7. You isolate yourself from loved ones? 
8. You dey quick vex or dey irritated if dem interrupt your phone use? 
9. You dry stand up for night to check your phone? 
10. You dey reach out for the phone once you dey alone or bored? 
11. You dey think say the phone buzz even wen e nor buzz ? 
12. You don make attempts to limit phone use and you find am difficult?  

If you get one or more of dese traits e fit mean say phone addiction deg likely and e dey important to identify am where e dey present.
Dis na bcos you nor fit get help wen you need if you nor know say you get addiction. If you make check list of phone usage e fit dey helpful to solve any addiction wen nor dey surface level . 

To treat phone addiction go require traditional methods wen dem take dey treat general addictions, like cognitive-behavioural therapy, group therapy, marriage or couples counselling, group support, psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, and medication-assisted treatment.  

Phones na important resource for the 21 st century and dey important for communication and e dey keep people up to date with latest happenings got this our fast changing world. But addiction to phones fit dey harmful to the wellbeing of people and the world in general. Phones Neva turn to the new cocaine, but dem dey get closer to dat reputation day by day.