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"Building resilience: The power of positive thinking - Pidgin"

"Building resilience: The power  of positive thinking - Pidgin"

Building Resilience: The Power of Positive Thinking

The capacity to recover quick quick from difficult situation na main character trait of strong and adaptable people. 

Resilience fit dey defined as person ability to adjust and recover from the many challenges and difficulties of life. 

Person wen dey resilient dey able to overcome difficulties wen dem dey experience, but person wen neva build up em resilience go break wen dem dey faced with similar challenges. 

Building resilience dey involve developing different attitudes, one of dem na positive thinking.

Positive thinking na habit/attitude of focusing on the good side of every situation. A positive thinker nor dey ignore the bad aspects of situation, but e dey accept am and find ways to dey hopeful .  

Positive thinking dey allow you to keep going wen you dey faced with difficulties and challenges. In other words, e dey enable you to build resilience.  
Three ways to build your resilience through positive thinking:

Reframing situations
Reframing na the process of changing opinion wen you get about one particular situation or event to help you see am in a more positive or helpful manner. 

For example , person wen dem sack from work go see am as opportunity for am to start new life rather than say e don waste time and financial stability. 

Reframing na intentional process wen dey help in problem-solving and for the development of growth mindset. 

Research don show say people wen reframe difficult situations into opportunities for growth dey more resilient dan the ones wen nor do am.

Reframing dey require optimistic and hopeful attitude. Hope and optimism dey guide our thinking towards positivity over time.
Practicing gratitude
We fit explain Gratitude to be state wen we dey thankful or appreciative. Gratitude don show very strong relationship with resilience. 

Experts don suggest say practicing gratitude, for few minutes everyday for three or more weeks, fit change the way our brain dey see challenges. 

Our brain go automatically start to focus for the positives of any situation rather than the negatives. Wen we dey able to dey grateful and happy for the good things for our lives, we go dey able to find strength to overcome the challenges we fit face.
Rewiring our stress response
Stress na normal part of life. But the way we dey respond to stress and the levels of stress we dey experience dey specific to every person . Research don show say the way we view and respond to stress get the most impact on our health. 

Positive thinking go enable us to see stress as opportunity for growth or indicator say something need to change. 

Positive mindset dey make am easy to focus on the aspects of situation wen you fit control and the small amount of positivity for the situation.
Positive thinking na intentional action wen dey allow you to build resilience with time. 

E involve make we consciously choose to dey positive even wen we dey faced with negative situations. 

Resilience dey develop wen we dey able to build positive mental state wen dey allow you to focus on the growth opportunities of challenging situation, while you dey work to change the aspects wen you fit, and adapt to the parts you nor fit change. Your goal na to dey more intentional about the process and find ways to implement these strategies for your daily life.