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"Cigarettes or your teeth: Oral effects and complications of smoking (Pidgin)"

"Cigarettes or your teeth: Oral effects  and complications of smoking (Pidgin)"

Cigarettes or your teeth: mouth matter and problem of smoking
As New Year don reach new thing go start and Ade don talk say e go stop to dey smoke. 
E know say e nor go easy,but the problem wen the bad character dey cause don too much for am.

Even the sweets and chewing gum wen e dey always chop to take cover him mouth odour don make him teeth wen don change colour rotten and get hole.
Teeth when e don think say e go use for old age even though na just 25!

Ade come go health center wen dey em community to ask for professional advice and make dem for help am find how e go take stop the girigiri wen e body dey do as e never smoke since . 

Your teeth, gums, and other things wen dey your mouth dey spoil as you dey smoke.
Nicotine na the chemical wen dey inside tobacco and na him dey make people when dey smoke nor fit stop.E even join thousands of other chemicals inside tobacco and na dem dey cause disease wen smokers dey get.

Effects wen Smoking dey get on your teeth

The thing wen smoking dey do for teeth dey as dangerous as e dey do for body. 

The thing e dey do for mouth na:
Discolored Teeth
Small small colour when dey inside the tobacco fit make person teeth change colour .Nicotine dey make teeth brown like tar( strong stain ) e dey hard to comot and e dey make the teeth dey unhealthy for eye.

Mouth odor
When you Smoke cigarettes e dey make the mouth get bad smell and the smell dey tey before e comot .E even dey make mouth dry because e nor dey allow spit flow for mouth.This one go make am dey get so so infections,so spit nor go reach to cleanse the mouth.

Gum disease
Gum disease, or Gingivitis,dey happen when the sticky white film when dey cover teeth (plaque) gather. Since e dey house mouth bacteria e go come dey irritate the gum . 
The cleansing action of saliva wen go dey reduced and the stain when smoking dey cause go lead to gum disease .

A slower rate of healing
Dem don know say Nicotine dey make blood vessel small and e dey reduce blood flow to tissues. As nutrients and the body’s defense system dey inside the blood, small blood flow go fit cause poor healing to sites wen get injury . 

Increased risk of Implant failure
Reduced healing and loss of bone for the implant wen tobacco smoking cause fit increase the risk of implant failure. 

High risk of oral cancer
Mouth and throat cancers na him plenty pass for smokers because cigarette smoke dey inside hundred things when fit cause cancer. 

Smoking cigarettes nor be the only way tobacco dey spoil teeth, chewing tobacco sef nor good for your health—just like cigarettes and Cigars wen nor get smoke . 

Why you suppose quit smoking?

Make you stop to smoke cigarette because of the plenty health risks. You fit get cancer of your mouth or throat if you smoke. Even sef still get other cancers, like cancer of your stomach, colon, and breast, as well as heart disease and stroke if you smoke.

You fit ask dentist for more advice and start smoke cessation programs to help you regain control of your health.

The health risks of smoking plenty but With professional counseling and medication, you fit start your journey to get healthy lifestyle.