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Dental Caries: Prevention and care (Pidgin)

Dental Caries: Prevention and care (Pidgin)

Tooth decay or hole in the tooth. Yes! teeth dey suffer decay, and dem dey also call am hole in the tooth. Now, some people dey mistake holes for gaps between teeth, but this one dey wrong—gaps nor be holes; dem be space between your teeth. Gaps nor be usually your fault, but na you go take the blame for the holes for your teeth! 

I been think say teeth strong, how come e fit get holes?  
Yes, teeth dey strong, but e nor dey indestructible. Enamel—the outermost part of teeth na the hardest substance for your body, but e dey dissolve under some circumstances. Bacteria dey form thin coat over our teeth, and this is normal. 

The problems dey start when you begin dey take sugar.  
Your mouth bacteria go swing into action when you take sugar. Dey need the sugar for energy, but dem dey release acids for the process. 

Once e dey released, the acid go attack your outermost part of your teeth and the decay process go set in. You nor go feel anything because e nor go pain you up till this stage. But expect pain if you continue with sugar! 

And, the process nor go continue slowly—things go fast once your tooth outermost part go give way. The reason be say the dentin-bone-like material under the outermost part of teeth enamel— e nor hard and destroy fast fast . Occasional pain or sensitivity go set in wen you take sweets, unripe citrus, and cold liquids. 

When tooth decay dey become painful? 

The next layer or nerve of the tooth, dey even softer. The matter go don pass be careful by the time tooth decay reach the pulp. Because tooth decay dey within the outermost part of teeth e dey painless: you nor go feel anything before the storm! And na terrible storm: the pain dey worse pass the pain of labour. 

How you go prevent tooth decay ? 
• Avoid sweets and sugar
• If you nor fit, avoid sweets and sugar for night because saliva flow dey less 
• If you must take sweets, avoid the types wen dey sticky 
• Follow sweets with cleansing ripe citrus fruit  
• If you fit, brush after you take sweets 
• Limit your intake of liquid sugar
• Brush two times a day visit your dentist two times a year

What if I suspect say I don already got holes? 
• Plan to visit your dentist 
• Reduce/stop sweets/sugar while you dey wait for your dental appointment 
• Keep the holes clean brush two times a day  
• Avoid cold and sweet drinks while you dey wait for your dental appointment 
• Avoid unverified local remedies wen fit make things worse 
This na the point when most of us remember the dentist, but nor be good point because big chance dey say you fit lose that tooth. 

Take-home: tooth decay dey completely preventable: just avoid sweets and sugar! But, if you don already get am nor wait for toothache, visit your dentist today!