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" Five dental secrets everyone should know (Pidgin)"

" Five dental secrets everyone should know (Pidgin)"

Five dental secrets everybody suppose know .  

Your  teeth nor dey created snow white nor invincible— your teeth fit crack. You fit break am, dissolve am, or wear am down … and dem dey move too! E dey good to know all these and other dental secrets…..   

Spend more time brushing your teeth   
This one go sound like another “pain in your tooth” but the amount of time wen you dey spend to brush nor matter. If you Spend few seconds or one minute to brush e nor go take off all the plaques wen don gather for your mouth for the last eight hours ; and if you brush your teeth just once a day, dat na a lot of plaques to commot – and brushing for 30 seconds nor go work am . Set plan to brush at least two minutes every time.    

Brush No Less than Twice a Day   
You think say to brush once a day na big deal, abi ? Well, even dat one nor reach . Dentists say make you brush two times a day and dem mean am.  

This na because after every meal, some food particles go dey stuck between and for your teeth and bacteria go begin to act on dem, forming plaques and e dey more difficult to remove.  

The longer the time to your next brushing, the firmer all the hard substance go attach to your teeth and the more dem go cause damage to your teeth.  

Chewing gum can be good for your teeth   
I know what you’re thinking: either it’s time to go get that pack of gums you’ve always loved or we don’t know what we’re talking about. Sugar-free gums can be good for your teeth and gums. Here’s why: these gums contain a sweetener called xylitol, which rids the mouth of bad bacteria. Further, these gums help boost flow of saliva in your mouth, which cleanse your mouth of bacteria and other harmful particles.    

Your teeth nor dey invincible to bone crackers    
Many people feel say dem get Superman teeth—dem go dey chew m bone, and turn dia teeth into bottle openers. This one na tooth abuse! Teeth nor dey invincible—simple. We fit chip them off, dem fit develop tiny invisible cracks, and we fit break them into two. The tricky part be say, you fit don already get those invisible tooth cracks and you go feel nothing dey happen until the unimaginable happens! One quick dental check fit be all e go take to redeem the situation—visit dentist today.   

You don use your toothbrush for too long   

if you don use your toothbrush for more than three months, na you we dey talk about. May be you dey wait for your next 6-month appointment before you change am or you just changed am one month ago but you come get infection for your mouth, any which way, e don too tey. Change your toothbrush every three months or replace them after mouth or tooth infection. This na because toothbrushes dey harbor bacteria, wen fit multiply if you keep am for too long.    

Your teeth na very delicate structures, even though say dem appear as hard as rock. To Take good care of dem you go need to visit your dentists regularly and keep note of healthy and unhealthy habits wen fit affect them.