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"Prolonged pregnancy: Risks and Complications (Pidgin)"

"Prolonged pregnancy: Risks and  Complications (Pidgin)"

Prolonged Pregnancy: Risk and Complications.

Naturally mothers expect to deliver after 9 months of pregnancy. But; health workers are more accurate ; Dem need one important date—the first day of your last menstrual period. 
With this date for mind, doctors and midwives go count and you fit expect your bundle of joy in 280 days or 40 weeks. This date na your estimated due date or EDD. 

Wetin be prolonged pregnancy? 
You fit expect to deliver two weeks before or after the 40 weeks calculation; so the normal range go dey at roughly 37-42 weeks, na dia one dem dey call “term pregnancy.” Anytime wen early pass 37 weeks na pre-term pregnancy or prematurity, while anything wen late pass 42 weeks na prolonged pregnancy. 

In oda words , prolonged pregnancy na wen woman dey pregnant for 42 weeks or 294 days past the first day of your last menstrual period.
prolonged pregnancy dey bad for you?
Prolonged pregnancy get plenty health risks, to the mama and the unborn pikin. The greater danger na to your unborn pikin, wen stand greater risk to suffer from so many conditions, like breathing problems, developmental problems, and restricted growth for the womb. 

Plus , pikin wen dem born after prolonged pregnancy dey more likely to get birth injuries and go need make dem revive am upon delivery. E go also increases the risk of stillbirth and death for the first month of life.
For the mama , prolonged pregnancy go increase the risk of birth problems and maternal death. E also dey come with increased risk of CS birth and placental problems. 
Factors wen go increase your chance of prolonged pregnancy?

• High pre-pregnancy weight
• Mother’s excessive weight gain during pregnancy
• Previous history of post-term pregnancy
• A mother born post-term has a greater chance of delivering a post-term baby
• Advanced age of mother
• Mother being obese
• Mother being white (Caucasian)
• A male baby
• A family history of prolonged pregnancy

How to prevent prolonged pregnancy?
First thing you must do na to avoid the confusion of wrong dates. Dey sure say your EDD dey well-calculated as this one fit help identify pikin wan dey at–risk. Do ultrasound scan early in pregnancy: this one dey use measurements of your pikin body to minimize EDD calculation mistakes 
If your pikin dey the risk of postmaturity, doctors fit induce labor to make you deliver earlier or on your due date. Inducing labor fit help to reduce the risk of prenatal deaths and CS births
To avoid the many risks wen dey associated with post-term pregnancy, doctors go induce labor between 41 and 42 weeks of pregnancy.

Make sure say you nor miss your routine prenatal checks. Dis one go make sure say your doctor continue to monitor your pikin to detect problems early. 

The conclusion be say the risks wen dey associated with prolonged pregnancy dey too many to say we wan neglect am . So Therefore, shine your eye, calculate your due date well and make sure say you seek medical attention once your due date don pass and you nor get any signs of labor .