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"Strengthen your mind to win: Drug abuse - Pidgin"

"Strengthen your mind to win: Drug  abuse - Pidgin"

Strengthen your mind to win drug abuse . 

Drug abuse dey happen wen person misuse psychoactive or prescription drugs like cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, and tramadol bcos e wan stimulate pleasurable feeling. 

Drug abuse, dey also known as substance use disorder, e dey result in significant physical, mental, and interpersonal problems, and to stop the habit nor dey easy. 

But if you strengthen your mind to overcome the urge, seek professional help, and use strong coping strategies, e fit be successful journey to recovery! 

Here na some tips to try: 
Know and avoid your triggers :
Sometimes, you go pass place or you go smell specific scent, and e go make you get strong reminder events wen don pass ,people, or experiences.  

You fit remember the very first time you visit that place, who you dey dere with, or how happy you feel . All These associations wen we dey create e dey extend into all parts of our lives, and wen you dey try to overcome drug habit, dem fit become triggers for you.  

The first step na to remove anything wen fit in any way remind you of drugs from your house, office, car, etc. If you dey work on drugs or alcohol addiction, remove drugs, alcohol, drinking glasses, syringes, rolling paper, pipes, and bottle openers.  

Take care to avoid people wen you dey follow do all these activities; avoid your usual spots, events, and even new places where any of these triggers fit dey available. 

Tell friends and family about your journey and tell dem make dem nor bring any of these items come your house. E for look like say e too much, but research don show say even to see street corners where dem dey hang out and smoke dey enough to tempt recovering addicts make dem smoke. Once you know your triggers, you suppose put plans in place to avoid them.

Learn to distract yourself :
Even though say all possible reminders of the addictive agent don dey removed from your environment, e possible to still encounter trigger, or you fit just find yourself say you dey experience strong cravings. 
This one na normal part of the journey, and you go learn how to ignore am. Now wen you don know your triggers, come up with several activities wen fit fill up the space you normally dey spend on drug use. 

People wen dey smoke everytime find out say items like lollipops, chewing gum, or toothpicks na good replacement for cigarettes or blunts.  Exercising na good activity to pick up, because e dey stimulates the production of endorphins, wen dey make you feel good and happy. 

You fit pick up new hobby like gardening, cooking, writing, reading, or dancing. Join community of people with similar experiences, them fit be source of inspiration when you dey feel tempted. 

Build up your resilience and coping skills :
Many people dey turn to drugs to deal with difficult emotions or situations. Drugs create long-lasting feeling wen fit dey numb, pleasurable, or freeing, so e go present short-term escape from present worries. 

Once you begin depend on this feeling, e dey become hard to cope with emotions naturally, and you go turn back to drugs every time to cope. To you Build up your resilience and find healthy ways to cope dey essential for total recovery from drug addiction. 

Therapy fit help you uncover the unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours wen dey influence your drug habit and work with you to change or replace them with helpful ones. 
You go learn different techniques to help you cope with cravings, triggers, and distressing emotions during your recovery journey.

Drugs fit seriously scatter person life, from physical health to relationships with friends and family to brain connections and functioning. The good news be say m your brain fit recover from addiction by modifying em connections, so the rest dey up to you. 

The recovery journey nor be easy one, but na rewarding one, and you nor dey alone. Remember to work on how to control your impulses, use your coping techniques, avoid and plan for your triggers, and dey consistent to stay clean. You fit do am !