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The Link Between Nutrition, A Healthy Brain And The Smart Kid On The Block (Pidgin)

The Link Between Nutrition, A Healthy Brain And The Smart Kid On The Block (Pidgin)

The Link Between Nutrition, Healthy Brain And Smart Pikin.

Na large percentage of parents wen dey visit paediatric clinic dey come with concerns wen dey related to feeding. 

Complaints dey range from say the pikin nor dey gree take enough food to say dem get poor knowledge of which food dey suitable. 

Then, e get the ones wen nor even know wetin to do and how to meet the pikin feeding demands. 

Na mostly new parents dey encounter dis one especially during the period wen dem wan collect breast from the pikin . 

But, during counselling of parents, even the ones wen new for the parenting job dem dey realise say na wrong method dem been dey use . 

We nor fit over talk the importance of nutrition and balanced diet for pikin. 

The first three years of any pikin life dey critical for brain development and failure to optimize the brain development for dis stage fit result to long term complications wen nor go change and performance wen nor go reach em mates own. 

Good nutrition dey play important role for the development pikin brain and e dey vital for concentration and learning. These nutrients wen dey play vital role for early development we dey find am in abundance for some foods. Some of the nutrients na; protein, carbohydrates, iron, zinc, Vitamins, iodine, etc.

Some top foods for children na: 

 The advantages of breastmilk dey widely known. Nor be only say e dey give immunity to the new born but studies don show say children wen dem give breast milk exclusively for at least 3 months get higher IQ and dey perform better for school. 

Eggs dey provide rich source of vitamins like vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid. Vitamin B12 dey help make important chemical messengers for the brain. Dem dey call dem neurotransmitters. E dey also help to regulate the rate at which energy dey used for the brain. Pikin wen nor get enough vitamin B12 brain fit suffer from loss of brain cells wen go decrease memory. Also, low levels of these vitamins don dey linked say e dey increase d risk of say the pikin develop depression for future. 

Dis one include tomatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots. Dem dey contain antioxidants. Antioxidants dey help to mop up substances wen dey toxic to cells. E go clean up these toxic substances, and help to keep the brain cells strong and healthy. 

Beans na rich source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids dey important for the building of cell membranes, including brain cells. 

Oily fish 
This na another rich source of omega 3 fatty acid. And you fit see am for sardines, crayfish, and tuna.  

Whole grains and oat 
Dem include rice, especially brown rice. Grains sef na good source of vitamin E and e dey play important function as antioxidant. Oats dey loaded with fiber, potassium, and zinc wen dey important for both brain and body functions. 

Almonds, cashews, groundnuts dey provide rich source of Vitamin E. Groundnut also contain important nutrient wen dey help the brain and the nervous system utilize glucose to improve brain function, memory and concentration.  

Milk and yoghurt 
These diary products dey loaded with protein and B-vitamins wen dey required for optimal brain growth and development. 

E dey essential to know say the food and nutrient demands of any pikin dey change over time and e dey more complex compared to adults. 

The process wen dem take dey collect breast milk from the pikin dey difficult cos the transition from breast milk dey hard on both the parents and the pikin. To see the right alternative to breast milk nor dey always easy. 

Some Children fit get hard time to move on from breast milk and dis na major cause of worry to parents. When you wan start , you go need to introduce different food at different times nor serve all of dem once. 

This na because some children fit dey allergic to some foods and e dey important to know which food dem dey allergic to.  

Patience dey required to improve feeding. Normally , Children suppose chop small small food , multiple times during the day instead of to force fed big portion of food once this one fit subconsciously condition them to see food as form of punishment. 

Dat one go come lead to poor food eating and go result to deficiency of required nutrients. 
Good nutrition dey important to the general wellbeing, growth, brain development and function of any pikin. 

The early years (first 3 years) dey important and parents suppose aim to optimize nutrition during this time. 

Everybody want pikin wen dey intelligent Parents should pad dey increase with pride when people refer to the excellent performance of dia children. So therefore well adjusted, intelligent and fit pikin na function of healthy brain and healthy brain na reflection of the pikin diet.