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"Understanding motivation: What drives high achievers - Pidgin"

"Understanding motivation:  What drives high achievers - Pidgin"

Understanding Motivation: Wetin dey Drive High Achievers?

High achievers na people wen love to set and finish challenging goals. ‍Dem dey driven by need to improve themselves as well as need to help others. Na wen dem dey look towards the next, more challenging goals dem dey find meaning.

Wetin dey drive the high achiever na question wen researchers don try to answer over the years.
Experts don identify some factors wen dey set the high achiever apart from other people. Dem include:
Their motivations
Motivation expert, David McClelland identify three factors wen dey motivate people for life. The first one na need for power, need for affiliation, and need for achievement. 
High achievers dey driven by need for achievement. Dem like to set goals and begin work to accomplish am. High achievers dey able to overcome challenges because dem dey always dey motivated to try again.
Dem get courage 
One major personality trait wen high achievers possess na courage . Courage means say dem get sustained perseverance and passion wen dem dey faced with long-term or challenging goals. 
One Psychologist (Angela Lee Duckworth) say courage na predictor of person likelihood to succeed.  Courage involves say you develop discipline, mental stamina and self-control to improve your skills and achieve goals even wen you dey faced with bad luck . People wen get courage dem dey willing to do Wetin e take to succeed.
Taking risks
The average person go dey worry about the possibility of failure and how e go take avoid am wen e dey faced with new goal. But, research don show say that achievers dey focus on accomplishing the goal instead of the chance of say dem fit fail. High achievers dey focus more on taking calculated risks, stepping outside their comfort zones, and on continuous improvement. Dem nor dey affected by failure bcos dem nor dey let am stop them.
Their mindset
High achievers believe say success na the result of hard work and willpower. Wen things nor go dia way or dem fail to meet goals wen dem set, dem nor dey blame am on bad luck or misfortune. Dem believe say dia success na dia responsibility and so dem dey continue to work, even erm dem dey faced with challenges or obstacles. Instead make dem give up, dem go try as many times as possible, until dem achieve dia desired results.
A love for learning
High achievers love to learn new things about themselves, dia skills, and ways wen dem go fit apply those skills. Dem nor dey fear to be beginners for new task, project, or activity.  Even though say dem be perfectionists, dem nor let failure or mistakes cripple dem. Dem dey focus on learning and building dia knowledge until dem become experts.  Wen dem make mistakes, dem dey learn from the mistake as well.
In conclusion…
The high achiever nor be superhuman, dem jusg be people wen continue to go even when every body don stop. E nor dey too late to build the mental stamina and courage of high achiever. E dey start with to continue through the unpleasant daily tasks and before you know, you go dey smash world records.