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Why Women Hair Dey Cut

Why Women Hair Dey Cut

O bob ! You know say na about 50-100 strands of hair person dey loss everyday ?? 
And no be only for man body e common o e common for women sef . Na man own we dey quick see because e no go get front hair again (baldness) . 
The medical name for this chop chop of hair so na “alopecia”

Make I run una one story about Ngozi

Ngozi na 47 years one day wen she dey baff she come notice say shuu her hair don cut plenty for ground of the baff room . She shook hand inside the hair na so hair follow the hand come outside . Ebabo, she come begin catch the new shampoo wen she buy winsh o . After like 3 weeks her friends come start to dey shook mouth inside the hair matter . Everybody begin drop advice on top the hair matter so o but Ngozi no know say na unto medical things .

Na because of people like Ngozi make me carry this gist come o . I wan yarn una some kind things wen fit make hair begin loss or cut anyhow :

  1. Them inherit am from family member: some women front of hair go just begin chop na Female pattern hair loss be the medical name for am . This FPHL so e dey worse once woman don reach menopause .
  2. Stress na another thing wen fit cause woman hair to begin cut. E fit be physical or emotional stress like operation or even after woman born pikin . All this woman wen dey do sports competition sef if them dey prepare for the competition them fit begin get temporary hair loss too .
  3. Some kind medicine like the one wen dem dey use treat cancer dey always allow hair begin chop . Even medicine wen dem dey use for blood pressure or even arthritis fit also allow hair begin chop chop .
  4. If person dey lack some kind vitamins for body e fit allow hair begin chop chop
  5. Another one na the kind hairstyle wen the woman dey do . All this tight braid and Ghana weaving plus even tight ponytail fit make the woman get permanent hair loss

The question una get for mind now be say make MO tell una the way forward . Wetin una fit do about this hair loss mata .

I dey kampe for una i no dey carry half gist una know my marra

First tin ehn if you be woman wen him hair don begin chop you go need to first ask yourself some kind question.

Ask yourself weda you dey under stress ?? 
Ask yourself weda na the hairstyle wen you dey do dey worry you ?? 
Ask yourself weda you jus begin drink new medicine ?? 
Ask yourself weda anybody for your family hair sef dey chop ??

Na all this question go fit help the matter but you go need remember say e go time time for the hair to grow back again no be magic . 
Some women they take biotin to take promote dia hair and nail health.

Friends wen go give you advice them mean you well o but some conditions na medical like see Ngozi matter wen I dey gist una na Thyroid problem she get .

Examples of treatment doctor fit give you depend on the thing wen cause your hair loss . 
Doctor fit give you cream, injection, anti fungi treatment and e fit even replace your medicine wen fit dey cause the hair loss or make e give you the thyroid treatment.

No forget say “ Woman hair na her crown and glory “ Go enjoy your hair