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"Your Kids and Social Media Use - Pidgin"

"Your Kids and Social Media Use -  Pidgin"

Your children and social media use

Using social media don turn to normal thing all over the world. People dey use am for business, job applications, to dey updated on global news, and to communicate with dia selves . In fact, the majority of social media users use am to share small small of dia daily lives. For some people, social media na dia means of livelihood; from influencers, managers to content scouts, various jobs don dey available through social media.  

As children dey old, dem dey discover the internet and go come dey interested in social media. No way dey wen you go take hide your children from social media, no matter how hard you try. The best thing na for you to teach them how to use the internet, and by extension social media, while you go dey take steps to regulate dia use.  

Wetin you suppose know about your pikin social media use? 
Let your pikin know the kind of information wen dey suitable for social media. 
Sharing information na basis of social media, but your pikin fit overdo and, even adults dey overdo am. Before you give dem access to social media platforms, make dem know wetin dem suppose post online and wetin dem nor suppose post . Dem nor suppose post dia address, phone number, inappropriate photos or videos, or oda important information. Important information fit include make dem reveal say dem dey house alone, or say dia papa get safe with money inside, or where dem plan to go do vacation. This kind information fit give predators and criminals info into the pikin and em family activities.  

Help dem set limits 

Did one dey tough to follow even for adults but you get to enforce rules and limits for your pikin to stick to. E dey important say your pikin nor spend the majority of em time online so e nor go dey too involved with am. Make sure say dem dey use social media during the time wen you set and dem go stop wen the time reach den begin go do other activities like reading, playing games, or make dem help out around the house. E dey essential say boundary dey established between virtual and reality. You gats be good role model you sef stick to the limits you set for yourself so your children go fit copy your behavior.  
Make dem know wetin dem must not do 
Social media na great tool for many purposes but e also for dey dangerous. Sexual predators and other criminals dey online deh look for easy targets and your pikin fit easily fall into dia trap.  

 Make your pikin know say : 
• E nor suppose to meet any online friend without permission from you. 
• E nor suppose to tell any stranger em age or address . 
• E nor suppose to post information wen e nor go want em teachers, parents or grandparents to see. 
• E nor suppose to be bully online and e need report any case of cyberbullying 
• E suppose report if any stranger dey ask am for nude photos or personal information 
• E nor suppose to share em passwords, even with em friends 
• E suppose avoid em real and full name as much as possible. 

Keep an eye on them 
Remember, say you be guardian and gatekeeper of your pikin online activity, so you gats to keep monitoring em online activity as e dey go. Remind am to change em passwords often, and educate am about the stability of the internet (dem fit screen shot temporary posts within seconds).  Encourage them make dem use their tablet, phone, or computer for public places where you or another adult fit monitor them.  

Social media dey open up world of excitement and opportunity for children but dem gats dey careful make dem nor go turn easy prey for online predators. They remind dem about online rules dem must follow and why. Take steps to monitor Wetin dem dey for dia accounts and the kind of content dem dey post.